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Hello Medium

I’ve migrated all posts to medium: I probably won’t be posting anything new here.

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Prometheus federation in Kubernetes

This short post will illustrate how we can setup a master/slave federation of Prometheus instances (apparently, we must say Prometheis) in Kubernetes. People who use kubernetes_sd are probably already familiar with the annotation that can be set on pod … Continue reading

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Discomon: some glue between Kubernetes, Prometheus and Grafana

I’ve built that small program, “discomon”, as a POC for spawning Grafana dashboards out of Prometheus metrics that runs over Kubernetes (actually, it doesn’t have to run over Kubernetes, but that’s what my POC was about). If you wonder why such an 70’s sounding name, “Disco-” … Continue reading

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Enabling Prometheus w/ labels from Vert.X metrics

Vert.X uses Dropwizard metrics under the hood, by default, when metrics are enabled (the other option being Hawkular Metrics). They can be exposed as Prometheus endpoints, as described here. It works without any pain, but has a downside: the metrics don’t make … Continue reading

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Agile without dogma

It’s been… wow… now 15 years that the Agile Manifesto has been written. Java was 1.3 (no enum, no generic, even less lambda). We’re often tired of hearing that word – AGILE – especially when it comes from recruiters or marketers … Continue reading

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A maven / grunt / typescript / JSX build workflow

Notice: sources are available on GitHub As stated in my previous post, I started Mipod.X as a Vert.X application programmed in Java. There’s the choice to use Maven or Gradle as build management tool, I use the one I know … Continue reading

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Mipod.X: an MPD client project from Vert.X and ReactJS

I recently attended to a presentation of the Vert.X toolkit, a powerful library based on the JVM that allows you to create reactive, scalable applications with many advantages. There’s a lot of similitude with nodejs, but I bet it’s faster … Continue reading

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