Discomon: some glue between Kubernetes, Prometheus and Grafana

I’ve built that small program, “discomon”, as a POC for spawning Grafana dashboards out of Prometheus metrics that runs over Kubernetes (actually, it doesn’t have to run over Kubernetes, but that’s what my POC was about). If you wonder why such an 70’s sounding name, “Disco-” is for discovery and “-mon” for monitoring. But to be honest, all the discovery part is delegated to Prometheus itself.

The goal is to be able to get the relevant dashboards in Grafana as soon as Prometheus collects metrics that match some recognized patterns. When you deploy a new app, that app is discovered by Prometheus and eventually it will find metrics. Has it JVM metrics, discomon will create a JVM dashboard. Has it Vert.X metrics… Ok you understand.

So there’s the GIT repo that contains that tiny Go script, an OpenShift template (though similar could be done with plain Kubernetes) and some Grafana dashboards.

And even a demo on Youtube.

Oh, did the POC work? Yes, of course!

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