Mipod.X: an MPD client project from Vert.X and ReactJS

I recently attended to a presenvertx_whitetation of the Vert.X toolkit, a powerful library based on the JVM that allows you to create reactive, scalable applications with many advantages. There’s a lot of similitude with nodejs, but I bet it’s faster and more robust thanks to decades of JVM optimizations. I was really eager to try it, but yet had to find the project it’d fit in.

Since I’m also fan of the Raspberry Pi and want to use it as a MPD server, I started to develop a web interface to control MPD. There’s already a lot of MPD clients which probably do a lot more of what I intend to do, but that’s how start new projects, right?

In the short term, I want to play around with Vert.X and ReactJS. Vert.X is polyglot, so I could write it in Groovy, Ruby or Javascript… But I’ll stick to what I know best, Java. ReactJS is Javascript but I can’t be satisfied with plain old Javascript. Babel looks like a nice solution as an ES6 implementation, but my favours go to TypeScript, which is close to ES6 with the addition of static typing, which is a huge positive point for large or medium size projects. The TypeScript transpiler is able to understand JSX syntax, so it should be fine with React.

The project is at its very beginning and I can’t tell how far it will go. It’s on GitHub.

I’ll post shortly about how I set up a build workflow with all these techs [update: it’s there].

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